taught by Dirk van Waasbergen
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Dirk van Waasbergen
Dirk van Waasbergen

About the Instructor

Dirk used to work 70+ hours in his own restaurants and was missing out on his family. His kids were always asleep by the time he got home.
The physical work almost broke his body down, working non stop in his businesses.
And when he calculated that he earned as much as his dishwasher he started to lose faith in this way of business.
Over the last 3,5 years he invested more then 50K in his education on how he could use the internet to get more customers for his restaurant
With such a big success that he almost doubled the revenue and therefore he was able to sell it for a good price. His desire for being a full-time dad, having location freedom and being able to travel freely was the biggest drive to let the old business model go.

He is now teaching home and small business owners how they can use the internet to reach more customers and create more freedom.

Over the years he specialized himself with his favorite social media platform....Instagram

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